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Tolliver 2-M.jpg Aramark
A modern redesign has updated LA Tech’s historic Tolliver Hall, which originally opened in the 1930s.

Three questions about Louisiana Tech’s renovated dining hall

Louisiana Tech University recently opened its renovated Tolliver Hall and FM caught up with Aramark General Manager Robert Hoag to ask three questions about the newly updated facility.

Tolliver Hall on the campus of Louisiana Tech University served as a dining hall in the 1930s and it now has new food services and study spaces thanks to a renovation completed late last year. The university cut the ribbon on the new space in January as it opened for business.

FM approached Aramark General Manager Robert Hoag with three questions about the newly renovated facility. Aramark manages campus dining at Louisiana Tech…

For a local TV news video report of the opening, go here


The renovated dining hall connects past and present generations of students through displays of the Louisiana Tech Alma Mater, Fight song along with multiple iconic Louisiana Tech mottos and logos.

FM: What are the highlights of the newly renovated space in terms of look and design?

Hoag: “In terms of look and design, Tolliver Hall is impressive and reinforces our community identity. This pinnacle building (originally built in the 1930s) on Louisiana Tech's campus is not only sleek in terms of modern redesign. This building connects the past generation of Bulldogs to the future generation. Louisiana Tech Alma Mater, Fight song along with multiple iconic Louisiana Tech mottos and logos are featured inside this iconic building.”

FM: What are the new food stations in the dining hall and what do they offer?

Hoag: “We have added multiple dining locations, including Moe's, Starbucks, and a completely rebranded Convenience Store as well as a Sushic refresh. For our convenience store rebrand, we used the design of one of our own, a Louisiana Tech Graphic Design Student. This student designed the logo for Tolliver Station, which highlights another focal point of our campus: the train tracks that go right through our campus.”


Multiple dining locations, including a Moe's, Starbucks, a completely rebranded convenience Store and a Sushic refresh were part iof the renovation project.

FM: What are the primary benefits of this renovation to LA Tech, its students and the campus dining program?

Hoag: “The new renovations to Tolliver Hall include many benefits for our current and future students of Louisiana Tech, and the dining program as a whole. We can create this environment for students by elevated our dining technology throughout Tolliver Hall. This includes mobile ordering and dining kiosks where students can order from any of our locations.”

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