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Top 10 college and university food service stories of 2022

When thoughtful menus meet higher learning, the sky’s the limit for great food, education, school spirit and community.

College life has gotten its groove back in the past year, and dining has been at the hub on campuses all over the country. A sense of community is one purpose served by the campus dining hall; others include a focus on sustainability, local food and farmers, sharing cultural diversity through food, being at the forefront on tech trends and menu trends…campus dining has been busy as an industry this year, no doubt about it. In a unique position to serve, influence and educate a generation of students learning about the world around them, college dining can play a huge, positive part of every student’s experience. In terms of eating for better health, plant-forward eating and a more sustainable food system, college students are ready to learn more. They’re also ready to have fun, so we didn’t forget college stadium food, either. Like other segments in foodservice, campus dining is still struggling with labor and supply chain issues. We included some FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick podcasts here, too, including tips for college foodservice managers. These stories have shaped college dining in 2022.

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