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From left Guest Services PresidentCOO Jeff Marquis 60year company veteran Zack Quarles CEO Gerry Gabrys
From left: Guest Services President/COO Jeff Marquis, 60-year company veteran Zack Quarles, CEO Gerry Gabrys.

Now That’s One Veteran Employee!

Guest Services honors staffer’s 60 years(!) of service.

Guest Services, Inc., recently honored one of its employees for 60 years of service to the company. Zack Quarles was hired by the company, then known as Government Services, Inc., in 1953 to work at one of its food service operations.

Since that time, Government Services has become Guest Services, and Quarles has worked at nine of its Washington Metropolitan Area locations in positions ranging from attendant to assistant manager to maintenance engineer (the position he currently holds at Guest Services’ corporate headquarters).

Over the years, Quarles’ performance reviews have contained such accolades as “He has always worked above and beyond the scope of his work schedule,” “Superior performance,” “Takes pride in doing his job well,” and “Ensures a positive work environment.”  

No word on whether he is considering retirement yet…

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