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C&U Chefs to Watch: Bowie State University’s Chef Eric Credle on wellness initiatives and a veteran’s perspective

Aladdin Campus Dining Executive Chef Eric Credle is sparking excitement for healthy eating at Bowie State University in Maryland. He’s got lots of good ideas, and a winning philosophy for leadership.


Interactive wellness has been the focus lately for Aladdin Campus Dining Executive Chef Eric Credle at Bowie State University (BSU) in Maryland. Credle and the culinary team there have been producing a series of videos on BSU-TV focusing on food for wellness, starring the instantly likeable Credle. He’s been using powerhouse ingredients like fish, veggies and whole grains to create approachable plates with built-in health benefits.

Credle served in the Navy and has cooked for three Secretaries of State: Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and Hilary Clinton. You can bet we asked him about what that was like! Did you know that Condoleeza was into cutting carbs, for example?

We also ask Credle about his leadership style. Even though you might think military training would lead to a very stern, drill sergeant-style leader, Credle is a great listener and teacher in the kitchen who prefers to lead by example rather than intimidation. In fact, he’s a very fun person to talk to!

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