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C&U On Demand: Chad Coats of the University of Arkansas talks about the Hill Coffee Co. outlet that has become a popular campus social and refreshment hub

In partnership with local business Mountain Bird Coffee & Tea, the Hill Coffee Co. coffeehouse at the University of Arkansas enhances the campus experience for students while supporting the local economy.


FM On Demand and C&U On Demand are video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken.

Coffee shops are prolific on college campuses, but the Hill Coffee Co. unit at the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville stands out as not only a provider of premium beverages and quality food items such as fresh breakfast and lunch sandwiches, house-made baked goods and soups, but as a supporter of local businesses through its partnership with nearby Mountain Bird Coffee & Tea, which supplies the coffees and teas being served, and other local vendors. The initial outlet in the Arkansas Union—a second location is being planned—now serves as a popular refreshment and social spot on campus, an especially valuable role given the disruption to campus life and the college experience brought on by the recent pandemic.

In this FM On Demand interview, Arkansas Union Director Chad Coats talks about what makes Hill Coffee Co. special, its offerings and operations, and the role it plays in the campus environment and the dining program, which is managed by Chartwells Higher Ed.

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