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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: Chef Abbie Gellman, RD, trains college dietitians on plant-based power

At this year’s UMass Chefs Conference, a new track just for dietitians featured a plant-based workshop developed by Abbie Gellman, a chef, dietitian, consultant and cookbook author.


Chef Abbie Gellman, MS, RD, CDN, is looking to bridge the gap between healthy food and delicious food. As a dietitian, she’s got the knowledge about nutrients and plant-based foods, but since she was first a chef, she sees through a lens of flavor. Earlier this year at the UMass Chef’s Conference, an annual learning mecca for college chefs, Gellman developed a workshop, sponsored by Kellogg’s, called Kitchen & Culinary Nutrition Essentials for C&U Registered Dietitians.

During the hands-on workshop, Gellman showed participants new ideas in plant-based and plant-forward meals, allergen-friendly meals and late-night ideas, always a hot topic for those who serve college students. On this episode, we go in-depth with Gellman, finding out more about her life and mission, and also her role as a consultant, cookbook author and mom to a picky eater. She shares some plant-based perspective and talks about the many different roles today’s college dietitian can play.


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