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FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick: Stanford Dining’s Christina Betondo’s top tips for managing humans

The kitchen, sadly, has often been marred by verbal abuse from chefs who thought that was the thing to do. Chefs like Stanford Dining’s Christina Betondo have risen to leadership positions through listening to employees rather than screaming at them.


In this episode of FM On Demand with Tara Fitzpatrick, we are having a conversation with someone who can teach us a lot about the spirit of true leadership. Stanford Dining Associate Director of Culinary Excellence Christina Betondo oversees 18 units on campus, serving 20,000 meals per day and managing 350 staff.

She talks about her early career in one of San Francisco’s most famous restaurants, Slanted Door, her current involvement with Menus of Change and also the pivotal role a women’s leadership summit played in her career and life. Then we get into the nitty gritty of workplace culture: How to be an effective manager with emotional intelligence, and why it’s so important for everyone on your team to feel empowered, accepted, supported and encouraged to contribute their talents.

Fun fact: Betondo’s father sounds just as fun as the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, an underrated film that we also discuss in this episode. And one more fun fact before you listen: Breakfast salad is a thing at Stanford. Could this trend be making its way to you next?

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