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FM On Demand: William Guerrero of Ithaca College dining services talks about going self-op

William Guerrero led the effort by the Ithaca College dining program to convert from contract to self-operation several years ago, and he’s here to talk about the experience.


FM On Demand is video interviews with onsite dining professionals who talk about creative and interesting initiatives they have developed or undertaken.

William Guerrero serves as vice president of finance and administration for Ithaca College in Upstate New York. The college dining program undertook a conversion to self-operation back in 2019, an initiative that required a number of prerequisites, support structures and adjustments to make it successful. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the program was further challenged to maintain its standards while remaining fiscally sound.

In this FM On Demand video interview, Guerrero talks about the self-op conversion experience, what went into it, how it developed and the lessons learned that he can share with other programs considering a similar move.


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