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Stories from the front lines: American Dining Creations Campus Executive at Union College creates cook-along video series for students stuck at home

Videos show sheltering-in-place college students how to make chicken Parmesan, street tacos and more, a virtual silver lining as the chef and his team miss their students.

Patrick Longton, executive chef with American Dining Creations at Union College, explains why he started a video cooking series, and the crux of the answer is: “We miss them!” He’s talking about the students, and that’s the audience intended for this practical, fun show although the videos are great for any home cook. He’s a fan of “Sunday Sauce,” aka spaghetti sauce, but really so much more. Memories of big family dinners and his experience in a fine dining Italian restaurant inform Longton’s version of chicken Parm, and he’s happy to share his stories.

Longton acknowledges that dining will certainly look different as we enter some sort of “new normal” next fall, but he’s optimistic that the food industry is one of the world’s most resilient—and—creative so he’s planning for better days ahead.

In the meantime, it’s awesome that Longton is able to provide some expert kitchen tips and keep his community entertained in the process.

Here’s his story.

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