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Stories from the front lines: Electric food carts roll out on college campuses

Outdoor dining has been a go-to for dining operations of all kinds. But what about when the snow flies? A few colleges and other onsite players are trying out flexible, rechargeable, customizable electric carts and kiosks. We talk to Dan Gallery V of Gallery Carts, a Colorado-based electric vehicle company.

Versatility and mobility are keys for serving food in this new normal. Different solutions are needed for safe, distanced ways to get your menu out to your customers. For colleges, schools and other onsite operations that may have relied on big dining halls, the rules have changed suddenly. One way around that is with mobile carts and kiosks. Even better if the carts can go anywhere and are powered by electricity. That’s the business of Gallery Carts, a mobile cart company that’s just delved into electric-powered vehicles—and the college market.

We spoke with Dan Gallery V, president of Gallery Carts, about the new electric vehicles and how they can work in different setups and situations. He’s keen on helping onsite dining operations navigate the pandemic with foodservice options and mobile solutions, having made the pivot from mostly concessions clients to the higher education world. And he’s hoping to explore other onsite markets as well.

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