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The Freshest Taste of Seafood: A Ceviche How-To

Chef Doug Katz is known for his creative mind. In Cleveland, he’s been on the forefront of local, seasonal, sustainable cuisine for years with his restaurant Fire Food and Drink. Recently, he turned an old time diner car into a retro-cool eatery, the Katz Club Diner.
But Katz could be his most artistic at the Cleveland Museum of Art, where his edible works of art make up masterful menus for the Provenance Café and catering operation, managed by Bon Appetit.
While each artful plate lasts only as long as visitors linger over their meals, the food is becoming quite a draw, maybe even rivaling the many masterpieces on display. The café, part casual eatery, part fancier sit-down restaurant, is part of a gorgeous renovation in the museum, and looks out into a huge glass atrium.
Katz says the food is very much inspired by the location—and atmosphere of beauty and creativity. He hopes to showcase his food in the same way, often creating menu items that echo current exhibits at the museum.
“I hear people say all the time, I probably wouldn’t come to the museum as often if not for the great food,” Katz says. “We’re enhancing the experience.”
The ceviche Katz recently prepared is one of his favorite things to do with fresh shellfish, because of the versatility of the dish. Over the whir of the blender, Katz talked about ceviche working pretty much any time of year. The seafood is always in line with sustainability lists, and Katz serves as a chef ambassador for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking for Solutions program, which promotes responsible fishing and fish farming.   
Overall, this ceviche just makes a colorful, delicate statement that sets the tone for an elegant event or a beautiful stroll around the art exhibits.
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