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Wellness and tech at center of B&I café makeover

With a customer base that’s hungry for healthier options and high-tech solutions to get in and out seamlessly, Flik International worked to overhaul the MedImmune/AstraZeneca café.

When MedImmune/AstraZeneca, a Maryland-based biologics research and development company, adopted a “Great Place to Work” vision, one weak point was the dining program. While the food was delicious, the execution was lacking. So was the wellness component.

In a two-phase renovation that began in 2017, the Feeding Great Minds project includes a new café with better flow, a zero-waste composting program, fresh food concepts, upgraded beverages, and tech-savvy ordering and payment options to help an average of 1,319 MedImmune employees fuel up for the day’s work (that’s up about 140 customers per day for lunch vs. prerenovation). Here are some of the issues and how the Flik team worked with its client to address them.

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