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NAMA Extends Healthy Vending Program

A program that educates consumers about healthful vending machine products was recently launched by the National Automatic Merchandisers Association (NAMA). Fit Picks, a program that NAMA had previously reserved only for its membership, was launched industry-wide in Clark County, WA, in mid-April, where it involved numerous local operators and suppliers, including companies, schools, government agencies, food distributors and the area's four largest vending operators.

“This is the first truly nationwide and industry-wide comprehensive program we're aware of,” says NAMA President Richard Geerdes. “It demonstrates how committed the vending industry is to listening to our consumers and to be in the vanguard of those providing practical and common sense solutions to the nation's growing concern about health and wellness issues.”

Encompassing a number of educational materials, the Fit Pick program offers two nutrition standard choices:

  • Fit Pick Standard, which includes products containing less than 35 percent fat, less than 10 percent saturated fat and less than 35 percent total weight in sugar with nuts and seeds excluded;

  • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation Standard, which incorporates the 35-10-35 guidelines above, but adds caps on sodium, trans-fat and calories.

Each Fit Pick package provides all the materials necessary to implement that particular standard. including stickers that can be placed in front of qualifying products, thin clings that explain the nutrition standard, coin slot stickers and round stickers to help educate consumers, and a list of products that meet the specified nutrition standard.

For more information or to order Fit Pick materials visit

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