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Seasoning a Metal Wok or Skillet

Seasoning a Metal Wok or Skillet

To season a new carbon-steel or cast-iron pan:

1. Scrub pan with steel-wool and dish washing liquid inside and out, and rinse very well.

2. Place scrubbed and rinsed pan over medium heat until it dries out and becomes hot all over to begin developing its patina. This natural surface helps the pan to resist rust and discourages food from sticking. Add 3 Tbsps. of vegetable oil; slowly tilt to spread over the pan's surface. Crumple two paper towels and spread oil over the entire interior surface of the wok. Rub oil into pan's surface, using fresh papers towels as needed.

3. Wipe away excess oil using clean paper towel. Repeat oiling process twice more, then let the pan cool completely. Now it is ready for its first cooking session or for storing.

*Source: 300 Best Stir-Fry recipes, Nancie McDermott, Robert Rose, Inc. 2007

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