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Best Customer Concept: Univ. of North Carolina Hospitals

Best Customer Concept: Univ. of North Carolina Hospitals

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Developed as a labor-neutral alternative to a room service program, Restaurant Delivery takes the menu choices available from UNC Hospitals’ popular house brand retail concepts and puts them on the room service patient menu. This not only provides patients with a large array of high-quality dining choices, but allows the dining services department to achieve operational and purchasing efficiencies by having common retail and patient dining menus. The brands are displayed on the 20-page patient menu and feature nearly a hundred entrée choices alone.

In fact, overall food cost declined six percent upon implementation of Restaurant Delivery. Meanwhile, the move generated an increase in patient satisfaction scores from the 82nd percentile to the 90th percentile, where it has remained.

The program is expected to expand further in the near future by offering room service (though from a more limited menu) in the evening and overnight.

Project Team:

Angelo Mojica, Director
Shawn Dolan, Executive Chef
Travis Watt, Associate Director–Patient Services
Ryan Miller, Associate Director–Retail
Barbara Lusk, Associate Director-Clinical
Dorothy Basden, Sous Chef
Chris Hairston, Sous Chef
Susan Gardner, Sous Chef
Tim Leary, Purchasing Manager
Ruth Parker, Patient Services Manager
Jennifer Evans, Call Center Manager
Rasheen French, Retail Manager
Vinnie Perino, Retail Manager
Carma Rokos, Retail Manager
Francine Walker, Clinical Manager
Christine Mojica, Staff Development Specialist
Betsy O’Toole, Staff Development Specialist
Rebecca Cates, Administrative Coordinator

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