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Best Management Company Concept: Mindful, Sodexo

Best Management Company Concept: Mindful, Sodexo

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Mindful is a wellness program so flexible and adaptable that Sodexo has successfully rolled it out to nearly 2,350 locations across multiple segments, from colleges and healthcare facilities to corporate and government locations. Not only has the initiative produced a tenfold increase in wellness sales, from $600,000 to $6 million, in just its first year and a 50% average increase in transaction value on its featured recipes, but it has given Sodexo a brand that encapsulates its commitment to wellness to both the broader community and to existing and potential clients.

From an initial investment of $312,000, Mindful generated a 95.19% ROI within 26 weeks and paid back the initial investment before its campus locations even opened up last fall (rollout started in corporate dining accounts in early 2013).

The concept is deceptively simple: to reverse the “sacrifice” aspect of healthy eating by providing exciting flavors, full plates and attractive menu options. In addition, a partnership with Fitbit encourages physical activity to complement the healthy dining program.

Project Team:

John Wright
Tim Ripley
Shequita Barnes
Lynn Browning
Desmond Fannin
Emily Haskell
Carl Hayes
Jim Iannarone
Arul Hensman
Tawnya Hutchison
Kathy Johnson
Robert Maluso
Robert Morasco
Tina Reddington
Holly Smith
Betty Vasilik
David Willard
Kimberly Weidman
Beth Winthrop

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