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Best Renovation: Hampshire Dining Commons, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Best Renovation: Hampshire Dining Commons, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

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Following on the heels of the renovated Berkshire Dining Commons, which won a Best Concept Award in 2007, Hampshire Dining Commons is another jewel in the crown for campus dining at UMass. The $15.5 million renovation of the 46,000-sq.ft., 1960s vintage space produced not only a treat for the eye and senses but one that accords with campus goals on sustainability with a dozen station concepts that emphasize serving minimally processed foods and more plant-based items at peak season, less red meat, more sustainable seafood and healthier oils, fats and beverages, including no soda.

Design touches include an oval layout that helps reduce overconsumption by reducing congestion at stations, spreading customers out across the facility and letting them view all the concepts simultaneously. The layout approach also allows each menu station to feature a different cuisine, evoking a continuous street market.

The dozen concepts include vegetarian/gluten-free, sushi, tapas, Latin and noodle stations. More than 70% of what’s offered is customizable and all cooking is display style.

The result has been a 25% increase in traffic
over the older Hampshire venue in the first year of operation.

Project Team:

James Sheehan, Vice Chancellor-Administration/Finance
Ken Toong, Executive Director-Auxiliary Enterprises
Garett DiStefano, Director-Residential Dining
Willie Sng, Executive Chef
Tony Jung, Hampshire Dining, Commons Chef
Joseph Flueckiger, Hampshire Dining Commons Mgr.
Christopher Howland, Purchasing/Marketing Mgr.
Martha Monaghan, Special Events Mgr.
Dianne Sutherland, Registered Dietitian
Rachel Dutton, Sustainability Mgr.
John Mathews, Assistant Director-Campus Projects
Burt Ewart, Capital Project Manager
Matt Hyatt, Bergmeyer Associates (architect)
Lenny Condenzio, Ricca Newmark (foodservice consultant)
Justin Deveau, Shamut Construction (construction)

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