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Kathi Rolls  Bowls

Best Station Concepts: Restaurant Associates

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Inspired by the street food vendors in Kolkata, India, and introduced in fall 2011, Kathi Rolls & Bowls features paratha breads wrapped around a variety of ingredients and garnished with authentic condiments. The station concept offers a robust menu prepared using authentic recipes and ingredients but requires no major investment in equipment so it can be used as a weeklong action station in a rotation with other concepts to provide menu variety. Alternately, some locations have chosen to use it as a once-a-month chef’s table.

The menu includes both meat dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala and vegetarian dishes such as Alu Chole (a third protein can be added in larger accounts). The guest has the option of getting the protein served wrapped in paratha bread or over basmati rice and then chooses a side. The program has a low food cost and high profit margin because the ingredients are not high-end cuts of meat or expensive products.

Units have generally realized a 50-60% sales increase at an action station when Kathi is deployed. One account said it had 106 covers in a single day, a 60% increase over the previous action station. Even better, that included a 12% check average increase.


Chef Marc Sheuer
Chef Tim Buma

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