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A tour of Best of Show winner One Esterra food hall at Microsoft

Here’s a look at some of the concepts and equipment solutions in Microsoft’s new all-electric One Esterra food hall.

One Esterra, the new food hall opened this spring on Microsoft’s East Campus, was named the 2022 FM Best Concepts Best of Show award winner for its combination of cutting edge technology, commitment to sustainability, diverse range of menu concepts and attention to issues like diversity and community. The venue serves as a beta test site for all-electric volume cooking in preparation for the massive dining needs of Microsoft’s entirely rebuilt 72-acre, three-million-square-foot East Campus complex, which is intended to have some 77,000 square feet of all-electric kitchen space, including an all-electric 30,000-sq.ft. catering kitchen.

Here's a look at One Esterra’s concepts and equipment…

All photos courtesy of Microsoft

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