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An inside look at the Fredericksburg City Schools menu

The dining program at Fredericksburg Schools has taken its show on the road during the pandemic period with three food trucks navigating specific routes in the community, each offering a variety of half a dozen lunch and breakfast options.

The Fredericksburg City Public Schools in Virginia has adapted its already robust summer mobile feeding system to serve students learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. But rather than dispensing one or two options or limiting itself to cold or shelf-stable items, the program offers some half dozen lunch choices that include hot and cold selections based on each student’s preference, plus a similarly expansive range of choices for the following morning’s breakfast, all served together.

The lunch menu has a daily entrée special such as pasta Alfredo, steamed dumplings with rice or pizza plus an always-available menu that includes both cold choices like low-fat yogurt, a garden or grilled chicken salad and a sunbutter/jelly sandwich and also hot selections like hot turkey or ham-and cheese sandwiches. Each month’s menu also offers additional specials such as cheese/vegetable quesadillas, chicken wings and housemade chili/taco salad bowls that the trucks rotate based on demonstrated demand on their particular route.

The next day’s breakfast that is dispensed with the lunch each day offers cold selections like yogurt and cereal as well as frozen breakfast sandwiches, sausage or ham-and-cheese biscuits/croissants and pancakes that come with reheating instructions.

Here’s a photo gallery of some of the items menued by the district, including some sandwiches that are part of the currently suspended catering menu but are also offered to middle and high schoolers.

All photos courtesy of Fredericksburg City Public Schools.

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