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Hospital Power Players: Barnes Jewish Hospital

Hospital Power Players: Barnes Jewish Hospital

A special report from FM and Technomic provides a detailed look into both patient and retail foodservice operations at the 50 largest hospitals.

8. Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis

Licensed Beds: 1,737
Management: Morrison
Foodservice Head: Laura Ravenscraft, director
Avg. Daily In-patient Census: 950
Avg. No. In-patient Meals/Day: 2,190
No. of Retail Dining Outlets: 7
Total Annual Retail Sales: nr
Dining/Nutrition Services FTEs: nr

Barnes is two years into building a new replacement hospital, scheduled to open in August 2017, on its North Campus, necessitating the use of temporary kitchens and cafés in some areas. Meanwhile, construction will also begin this November on a central kitchen commissary for the campus that will utilize sous vide cooking, with a scheduled opening for November 2016.

Renovations will also be starting for the main coffee kiosk in the second quarter of 2016 as the entire main lobby of the hospital on South Campus will be redone.

Patient dining has both traditional tray service (South Campus) and Dining on Call (North Campus).

A unique aspect of the retail dining operation is the stand-alone dining emporium-style eatery Central Table Food Hall. Its sushi is featured in the other onsite dining operations for which the Central Table Food Hall chef also makes occasional guest chef appearances.

Despite working within limited space, Chef’s Table promotions have continued to be offered two to three times a month, the latest featuring Crenshaw, Casaba and Santa Claus melons. A daily exhibition station has items such as pho, Thai dishes, seasonal salads, fish tacos with cilantro lime slaw and vegetarian options like grilled barbecue portabella on garlic Texas toast.

The largest café remains open until 1:30 a.m. to serve third-shift employees.

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