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Hospital Power Players: Cleveland Clinic

Hospital Power Players: Cleveland Clinic

A special report from FM and Technomic provides a detailed look into both patient and retail foodservice operations at the 50 largest hospitals.

19. Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland

Licensed Beds: 1,267
Management: Sodexo
Foodservice Head: Mila Henn, executive director of food services
Avg. Daily In-patient Census: 969*
Avg. No. In-patient Meals/Day: 2,500
No. of Retail Dining Outlets: 7
Total Annual Retail Sales: nr
Dining/Nutrition Services FTEs: 800

Cleveland Clinic's main and children’s hospitals transitioned dining services management from Aramark to Sodexo in mid-October 2015, so the department is currently in some flux as the new company begins to implement its programs (Aramark continues to manage dining at the Clinic's 8 regional hospitals and its Florida outposts). The retail dining locations include offerings from such commercial brands as Au Bon Pain, Georgio’s Pizza, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Starbucks and Subway. Au Bon Pain and Starbucks are open 24/7 to service off-hours staff and visitors.

A controversial McDonald’s unit that had been operating at the hospital for two decades finally shut down Sept. 18, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to health and wellness promotion.

Additional retail dining locations are located in the Clinic’s InterContinental Hotel, located on the campus footprint, which includes a pair of international cuisine-themed eateries, including celebrity chef Zachary Bruell’s Table 45 with its cross-cultural blend of cooking styles from North Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

Patient dining is operated through a mix of approaches, from traditional tray service to room service and a variety of hybrid approaches depending on the needs of the facility.

*Source: 2014 State of the Clinic report

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