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Hospital Power Players: Greenville Memorial Hospital

Hospital Power Players: Greenville Memorial Hospital

A special report from FM and Technomic provides a detailed look into both patient and retail foodservice operations at the 50 largest hospitals.

50. Greenville Memorial Hospital, Greenville, S.C.

Licensed Beds: 845
Management: Self-operated
Foodservice Head: Michelle Mena Villal, executive chef
Avg. Daily In-patient Census: 500
Avg. No. In-patient Meals/Day: 1,950
No. of Retail Dining Outlets: 6
Total Annual Retail Sales: $7.3
Dining/Nutrition Services FTEs: 163

Greenville Memorial food and nutrition department features a host program that utilizes CBORD software to take individual meal selections for each patient at the bedside using state-of-the-art iPad technology. Meals are selected for the next day and are updated in real time to allow for specific food production and ordering reports that streamline tray service and food deliveries. This interactive menu selection process enables patients to create a personalized meal within their prescribed diets.

The patient menu focuses on healthy, creative meal selections utilizing fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen and proteins that are fresh with no additives. Among items made from scratch every week are favorites like turkey potpie and apple marmalade.

A web-based online ordering program allows nourishment stock orders to be placed electronically, streamlining the accounting process and moving the charging process from paper and pencil tabulation to individualized reports and order tracking. This new process has saved the nursing units a significant amount in nourishment stock charges and allowed management to better track their expenditures.

On the retail dining side, guests can choose from four high-volume franchise concepts: Chick-fil-A, Subway, Starbucks and, most recently, Au Bon Pain, which now has two locations on the campus.

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