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Hospital Power Players: Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus

Hospital Power Players: Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus

A special report from FM and Technomic provides a detailed look into both patient and retail foodservice operations at the 50 largest hospitals.

4. Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus, Rochester, Minn.

Licensed Beds: 2,059*
Management: Sodexo
Avg. Daily In-patient Census: 1,000
Avg. No. In-patient Meals/Day: 1,800
No. of Retail Dining Outlets: 7
Total Annual Retail Sales: nr
Dining/Nutrition Services FTEs: nr

The Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus includes the Mayo Clinic and adjacent Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital in downtown Rochester and the Mayo Clinic Saint Mary’s Hospital located 10 blocks to the west.

The patient dining operation uses traditional tray service for the ICU, step-down and behavioral areas and on-demand room service for all other nursing units.

Retail operations consist of four full cafeterias, a coffee shop, a pair of kiosk carts and over 200 vending machines across the campuses. Employee cafes are open from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. to serve overnight staff.

*Includes Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester, Mayo Clinic Methodist Hospital and Mayo Clinic Saint Mary’s Hospital

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