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YIELD: 24 mini cookie sandwiches

24 (1.33 oz.) Sweet Discovery Triple Chocolate cookie dough nuggets
1 ½ cups marshmallow crème

1. Preheat oven according to cookies' package directions.

2. Slightly thaw cookie dough nuggets and cut in half horizontally.

3. Bake mini cookies on parchment-lined sheet pans for 9 minutes. Cool to room temperature.

4. Turn over half of the mini cookies and top each with 1 Tbsp. marshmallow crème. Top with remaining cookies to create 24 S'morewiches.

5. Before serving, warm in small batches in microwave oven (10 seconds) or conventional oven (approximately 1 minute) until marshmallow crème begins to melt.

Tip: For grab-and-go purchases, plate on a microwave-safe plate and allow customers to microwave their own S'morewiches for a “fresh from the campfire” sensation.

Photo and recipe: Otis Spunkmeyer

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