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Soulful Bowlfuls

Mark Dyball
Executive Chef
UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles

"Soup is one of our best categories and our chicken tortilla soup (see recipe below) is one of the customers' favorites. When we serve it we go through 80 gallons. Other soup favorites that go quickly are a clam chowder and our Mexican beef and vegetable soup."

Joseph Kilmer, CEC
Dining Services Supervisor
Business Services Division
Corning, Inc.
Corning, NY

"We've been theming food from the South Beach Diet cookbook every Monday and some of the soups we've served have been quite well received. These are not served on a set cycle but rather we set the menu on a weekly basis, which allows us to respond better to customers. Some of the more successful soups have included a Creole Gumbo, a White Bean and Greens Soup and a chicken and Vegetable Chowder. Of course, the South Beach offerings have been especially successful in January, which is kind of national diet month.

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