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These Spuds Ain't Duds

These Spuds Ain't Duds

Crispy potato leek pancake with Northwestsmoked salmon, creme fraiche and optionalBeluga caviar topping (see recipe below).

"Our catering department has been serving a very popular item at several events. We call it a "Fall Martini" - whipped sweet potatoes in a martini glass topped with sautèed spinach, crumbled bacon and crumbled bleu cheese. In our residence halls, we have set up a mashed potato bar on one of our menu cycles-with positive results from our student population. Toppers for it include shredded cheeses, taco meat, beans, sautèed vegetables, sour cream and flavored butters."

"Potatoes are big sellers here, you bet! We serve comfort foods and potatoes seem to go hand in hand with these types of foods. We serve every variety, from simply mashed to potato frittata and are always looking for smething new. Since everything is made from scratch we spend many hours peeling, slicing and dicing potatoes.

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