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Vegan Menu Ideas

A Mediterranean Dinner: roasted pepper and eggplant dip with focaccia and artisan breads; mushroom asparagus risotto; wilted greens with roasted garlic, white beans and sun-dried tomatoes; sliced citrus-scented with orange-blossom water; assorted biscotti and tea cookies

Snacks for Seniors: seasonal fresh fruit and popcorn, stewed fruit and corn bread, graham crackers with peanut butter and grape juice, mixed fruit juice cocktail and pretzels, rice pudding and orange slices, strawberry sorbet, peanut butter cookies

One-Dish Breakfasts: Tofu Scramble — scramble (in a sauté pan, griddle or in the oven) crumbled tofu with seasonal veggies and spices. Serve on its own or over steamed rice or hash browns. OR Breakfast Burrito — fill with mashed or whole beans, tempeh or crumbled tofu and serve with salsa and chopped onions, chili and cilantro.

Thanksgiving: butternut squash soup with herbed margarine; assorted crudités and dips; herbed lentil loaf with mushroom gravy; seasonal vegetable pie with mushroom sauce; baked, candied sweet potatoes with cranberry-walnut gravy; garlic mashed potatoes; glazed lemon carrots; broccoli and cauliflower medley; tofu pumpkin pie; apple cinnamon pie.
— from Vegan in Volume: Vegan Quantity Recipes for Every Occasion by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD (2000, The Vegetarian Resource Group)

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