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10 sassy chicken salads to rock your summer menu

It seems like every chef has their own secret ingredients when it comes to sassing up chicken salads. Find your new favorite here.

Is chicken salad the ultimate blank canvas of summer menu items? Talk to a bunch of onsite chefs at the start of summer and it definitely starts to seem that way.

“I like to pick a world region and then focus on flavor balancing,” says Boston College Chef Bradley Shannon. “I draw influences from regions then make a salad out of it. Chicken carries the flavors.”

Chicken salad certainly is an art form to observe in the kitchen as chefs take into account flavor combos, texture and many more details including, but not limited to, herbs, aromatics, powdered spices and crunchy, spicy add-ons like pickled jalapenos, mayo base vs. sour cream vs. yogurt and more.

And then deciding how to serve your masterpiece is another “choose your own adventure,” with perfectly portable options from sliced bakery bread to wraps to bowls to street food tostadas and burritos.

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