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10 succulent Mexican seafood dishes to try this summer

Don’t scrimp on the spicy shrimp! These seafood tacos, tostadas and more will add an ocean of caliente new flavors to your summer menu.

Mexico has more than 6,000 miles of coastline, which means fresh seafood is a huge part of the country’s culinary culture. From the saucy paellas of Veracruz to the fish tacos of the Baja, fresh, spicy seafood dishes are a super fresh, super fun way to celebrate summer and spice through menu development.

The colorful, caliente flavors of Mexican food just feels right when the temperature starts climbing, wherever you are. And when we turn our focus to the abundant seafood dishes in the Mexican food playbook, suddenly it’s a fisherman’s catch of great menu ideas: ceviches made with sparkling fresh fish, tostadas topped with chipotle-tinged shrimp, tacos with crunchy summer produce and just-off-the-grill mahi. Bring chile peppers, corn and nachos into the mix and we’ve got a fiesta. Take a look at what onsite chefs are coming up with as a super fresh menu catch for the summer months.

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