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10 super healthy seafood dishes to make a splash on the menu

Now’s the time to catch a wellness wave. If you’re in a seafood menu rut, look no further for inspiration on getting guests to crave what’s good for them, from teriyaki salmon bowls to Cali-style cod burgers, succulent halibut steaks and more.

When it comes to boosting heart health, brain function and immunity, seafood is hard to beat. Making it craveable for customers who may be used to fish and chips? That’s the big catch. But chefs are doing amazing things with the newest seafood menus…finding ways to incorporate trendy flavors and formats (hello, teriyaki salmon bowls!) and pairing cool global flavors with nutrient-packed pieces of fish.

Bold flavors are making waves on menus, and even methods like char siu (Chinese barbecue) can be applied to fish. A steakhouse plate with halibut at the center? Why, yes. And how about all the crunchy elements you can add to a salad or sandwich with pepiptas, toasted breadcrumbs and edamame?

Catch a wave into healthy seafood bliss with these menu inspirations, recipes and ideas.

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