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11 new concessions items debuted at NFL stadiums

Despite closures and restricted attendance, NFL stadiums that have opened to fans have debuted a few new items for the 2020 season. Here are a few.

The 2020 NFL season is like no other, with teams playing before either empty seats or very few fans, depending on the city and local mandates regarding crowds in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, concessions companies serving these venues have still tried to offer a few new items for fans able to attend games in person.

A number of teams are also offering remote-viewing packages of stadium concessions favorites for fans to enjoy while viewing the games at home.

Because of social-distancing restrictions, stadium concessions are prioritizing individual packaging, remote ordering and cashless transactions. Also, those hawkers who traditionally roam the stands during ordinary times calling out their offerings are now few and far between and in most cases have been sidelined.

Menus in many cases have been streamlined to adjust to the reality of having far fewer customers as well as to ease production operations. Nevertheless, the venues that are open for limited attendance have tried to maintain some form of fan experience by offering traditional favorites as well as introducing some new items such as those featured here.

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