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12 outside-the-box pulled pork pivots

The time spent smoking a pork shoulder or a whole hog low and slow is an investment in a million different menu possibilities from nachos to mac ‘n cheese to ramen, pizza, salads, sliders, grilled cheese, hot dogs, tacos and more.

When you think of all the ways pulled pork can add value to so many different menu items, it’s a good exercise to make yourself very hungry! Kidding aside, pulled pork carries some serious menu-boosting power. It takes time to smoke it low and slow, but once that part’s done, you’re left with a pull-apart, complexly flavored component to everything from the classic sandwich or slider to nachos to quesadillas to bao buns to grits bowls and a whole lot more.

Using pulled pork as an ingredient rather than center-of-the-plate is cost effective (not to mention healthier for your guests to have a smaller portion). Take a look at this selection of on-trend menu items enhanced by pulled pork, taking its porky flavor profile in lots of cool new ways that you possibly haven’t thought of yet.

Chefs can lean on pulled pork as an inspiration for lots of different menu items, and also a lot of different flavor profiles. It’s not just about barbecue sauce! We’re seeing all kinds of variations and creativity anchored by the fact that it’s tough to turn down a succulent, fall-apart piece of pig heaven.

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