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12 power-packed plant-based menu items from onsite chefs

No longer just for dedicated vegans or vegetarians, plant-based eating has gotten a lot more inclusive. Check out these examples of plant-based dishes that boldly take their rightful place on the menu.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, research from the International Food Information council reports 24% of respondents are eating more protein from plant-based sources. It makes sense, as plant-based diets have been linked time and time again to a reduction in all sorts of diseases.

Dietitians have known that there’s something to a diet that has more plants and less animals for some time, and now many more of your customers do, too. Plant-based eating is being affected by today’s themes of inclusivity and breaking boundaries.

That means that chefs are no longer cooking plant-based dishes for a limited audience or limiting choices to just bean burgers and salads. These dishes are for everyone and anyone who wants a shot at improving their health and taking a bite out of their community’s carbon footprint. Food Management dive deeper into the topic here, speaking with chefs, dietitians and directors about what plant-based means to their customers at the moment, and you can see examples of cutting-edge plant-based dishes from onsite food service chefs here.

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