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12 taco ideas for onsite food service menus

Start slicing limes and chopping cilantro, because the time is always right for tacos and onsite food service chefs are coming up with tantalizing new taco ideas 24/7.

When planning menus, food service chefs often think Taco Tuesday. But with so many toppings, slow-roasted meats, plant-based options and flavor profiles from all over Latin America (and beyond), today’s food scene is looking more like Taco Everyday to us.

There are so many ways to change it up within the taco format: taco al pastor with a squeeze of fresh lime, a DIY taco salad with roasted veggies or a plant-based taco. When imagining both traditional and fusion versions, the theoretical topping bar for tortillas and crunchy shells seems endless.

And for onsite operators in markets where tacos are a major part of the culture (Texas!), the taco game must be on point in order to compete. That means looking at the old ways of cooking and the tried-and-true combinations of ingredients. And it can also mean going a new way with creative additions and items customers are craving, whether it’s plant-based meat or porky carnitas.

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