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14 over-the-top plant-based Freakshakes to freak out your summer

Sodexo’s cool new line of chef-designed Freakshakes is so freakin’ creative.

Sodexo’s Culinary Innovation team took the classic shake and shook it up, big time. The first shakeup: These Freakshakes deliver nostalgic tastes like creamsicle, s’mores and strawberry shortcake, but they’re anything but old fashioned, with over-the-top toppings and mix-ins. And the second shakeup: These Freakshakes are plant-based, and some are gluten-free, too. Making use of coconut milk is the shortcut, and at their recent debut on several college campuses, the Freakshakes boldly stormed onto the stage like Lady Gaga making an over-the-top grand entrance.

Rob Morasco, Sodexo VP of Innovation, pinpoints what makes the Dreamsicle Freakshake so good: It takes him back to summer days of his youth, chasing down the ice cream truck. And it’s been improved, too, to “an entirely new level,” Morasco says. “We’ve added orange segments, marshmallow, sprinkles and plant-based whipped topping. My favorite part of this shake is the marshmallows—getting one that’s been soaking in the shake for a few minutes is an ooey-gooey fun experience!”

With that, let’s dive into summer’s freakiest plant-based shakes, including Sodexo’s culinary team’s favorite shakes.

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