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15 ways to make it rain meatballs

Formed by the hands of a chef, simmered in sauce and rolling onto fall menus, the mighty meatball can do it all.

Some call the meatball universal. The familiar spherical shape of the meatball can be a gateway into a whole new world of flavor. It’s hands-on from the start, in terms of technique, but also in terms of creativity. 

Fusion is an idea that works especially well with meatballs, as in chicken meatballs on a banh mi, but with a Cajun remoulade. Working within the confines of the meatball, a world of flavors awaits. Mega-meatballs are a center of the plate success, and mini meatballs can work wonders in the catering world. Proteins from the traditional beef-sausage-pork to chicken to turkey to lentil, broccoli and more can all get rolled in. We found so many great examples and just kept rolling with it to find the best ideas to start your own meatball mania. 

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