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16 ways onsite food service programs are redefining the menu during coronavirus

Comfort classics, composed salads, meals in a bowl, plant-based options, poke, halal chicken and good old burgers…as the pandemic continues, chefs find inspiration where they always have: In serving people great food.

Onsite food service is in flux. The pandemic has meant a series of pivots, adaptations and invention among those who make and serve food. Chefs, directors and dietitians have taken the turbulent present tense and used it to make menu moves including creating and testing new items, adapting concepts for grab and go and mobile ordering, streamlining some menus and leaning into new opportunities.

Chefs’ kitchen know-how and creativity is coming through in different ways during these changing times. In socially distanced dining environments, grab-and-go stations or even delivered by robots, the menus must change with the times as well. Some initial changes are emerging in the form of composed salads, meals in a bowl, global flavors, plant-based options, wellness-focused menus and many more fresh food ideas meant to go where customers go, providing a nourishing experience all around.

Check out these examples of menu items that turn today’s dining challenges into new menu innovations.

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