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18 cluckin’ awesome chicken and rice dishes

From classic halal cart-style to fajita-spiced plate to sticky bourbon bowl, spicy sesame, caprese mashup and many more, chicken and rice can team up to create your single most iconic signature dish.

It’s amazing how chicken and rice can mean so many different things to so many different people. No matter the global direction, with the right chef, this dynamic duo is destined for legendary menu status. In one example at Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Sodexo Chef Nabil Guirguis’ famous chicken and rice concept/dish has its own student-run social media presence and a festival dedicated to the tzatziki-slathered favorite. Taco Tuesdays have even been replaced—at the students’ request—by Tzatziki Tuesdays. Check out that dish and many more signature chicken-and-rice creations, including Michigan State’s caprese halal chicken grain bowl, American Dining Creations’ spicy takes on chicken and rice, HHS’ orzo swap, Morrison Healthcare’s use of cauliflower rice and UCLA’s Szechuan chicken with forbidden rice. Plus, get new recipes for chicken larb with grapes, chicken sausage breakfast burrito bowl, faux chicken and fried rice, chicken dahi and more.

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