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19 hot pizza trends to slice into today

Be up-to-the-minute on sizzlin’ hot pizza trends like New Haven-style, pizza-by-the-inch, focaccia and more.

In today’s changing world, pizza is constant source of comfort—and a menu MVP—without a doubt. But in order to rise to the top of the pizza game, it’s important to stay on top of not just the toppings that are trending, but the styles of pizza, the fast-advancing technology and different ways to deliver the perfect pizza experience.

Whether your customers want that super-thin iconic Neapolitan/NYC style of ‘za or are looking to shake things up with a breakfast pizza or charred New Haven pie, there’s a way to meet that demand, along with the demand for seamless technology and customization, too.

We are taking a look at a few of pizza’s latest incarnations. Shrimp ceviche on a pizza? Yes, at Duke University. Pizza made in an automated kiosk? Yes, at Detroit Henry Ford Medical Center. Pizza by the inch? Why yes, that’s at the University of Toledo. All these and more are great ways to get your pizza mojo rising.

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