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20 ways to maximize your mac ‘n cheese

This melty collection of mac ‘n cheese ideas will take your mac from popular to legendary, from spiced up to smoked up to fried up in bites, sliced up as pizza, folded up in a quesadilla and more. Plus, get the recipe for jambalaya mac.

Mac ‘n cheese is a surefire, popular menu item—and for good reason—but with the latest and greatest new ideas, flavors, toppings and cheeses, this American casserole can become legendary, your signature dish and culinary calling card. With cozy fall and early winter vibes on the horizon, now’s the time to maximize the appeal of your mac.

We found examples of classic-in-the-making mac ‘n cheese variations that incorporate brisket, chili, veggies, smoky spices, crispy crusts and more, baked until bubbly. What’s more, check out the mac mash-ups, like the classic chili-mac, a mac ‘n cheese quesadilla, a flatbread with Greek influence, a closely guarded secret recipe with new twists, a mac ‘n cheese pizza, the amazing jambalaya mac and more. Southwest flavors, smoky spices, spicy chiles and yes, bacon, are all ready to take your mac to the max, all built on the cheesy, melty foundation we all know and love.

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