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21 ways Menus of Change is altering college menus

Menus of Change is an ambitious, far-reaching, collaborative research project that involves 32 colleges, public and private and diverse in geography, size and type of operation. Its full name, the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative (MCURC) reflects its mission: College foodservice operations working together with Stanford University and the Culinary Institute of America to research, discover and create innovative ways to impact the food system in terms of healthy, sustainable ingredients, sourcing, recipes, menus, international flavors and more.

MCURC is meant to be a working experiment and research project, but also as an easily referenced list of principles chefs and managers that any foodservice operation can use. These principles include leveraging global plant-based culinary strategies, thinking produce first, using less red meat, using more whole grains and seafood, moving nuts and legumes to the center of the plate, watching portion size, focusing on minimally processed foods, and buying fresh and seasonally. Check out what these participating foodservice teams are doing as they undertake an undeniably serious—but also seriously delicious—endeavor. 

College foodservice programs coast to coast are bringing the fresh, seasonal, sustainable, local, global and plant-forward Menus of Change philosophy to the menu. 

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