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21 ways to wow with bowls

From a Thai Buddha bowl to a low-waste bowl, a za’atar chicken bowl, a drunken shrimp bowl and many more, you’ll want to get bowled over by these one-bowl wonders.

Bright and beautiful, bowls certainly look pretty in an Instagram photo. But the pandemic has taught us there’s more to life than eating for the ‘gram. Feeling nourished and comforted by the food we choose has started to feel far more on-trend. Luckily, one-bowl meals are a menu trend that has substance behind its style.

Today’s best bowls let you offer convenience and more: serving nourishing, gorgeous food in a perfectly transportable, easy-to-customize format. They’re also a great way to highlight different local veggies and products with the seasons.

Onsite chefs are working on bowl concepts, plant-based recipes and global takes on comfort food from around the world, all coming together in the bowl. And it’s not just about throwing some ingredients in a bowl. The very best bowls—the ones that sell out—show that the chef has carefully considered flavors, textures and nutritional components.

Take a look at a hearty helping of some of the best bowls from the chefs of HHS, Aramark, Harvest Table and Cura.

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