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22 iconic steakhouse classics and new classics

Where there’s grill marks, there’s fire. And when your steak nights are fire, your customers will become rabid fans.

We discovered absolutely sizzlin’ onsite versions of steakhouse chic with steak nights sizzling all over the country, and the cuts of beef, iconic side dishes, must-have extras and global flavors bring that special steakhouse experience to your guests. The events include chef’s table events, hospital events to recruit new physicians, monotony breakers any time there’s a dull moment, even a saloon scavenger hunt for lucky horseshoes (here’s looking at you, George Mason University!)

The best thing about steakhouse chic is the special feeling it gives those who feast on ribeyes, NY strips, T-bones, filets and more, then load up the plate with baked potato, green beans and maybe a pineapple-cream cheese jalapeno popper or three (that idea comes courtesy of HHS Culinary Director Kayla Martinez of Methodist Hospital Atascosa). Read on to turn up the sizzle and get some ideas to make your next steak night spectacular, sizzling and something your guests will look forward to.


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