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25 desserts for autumn-to-winter wows

Stop to appreciate the lovely fall colors as we sled into the holiday season with pumpkin rolls, pecan pie bites, Santa hat poached pears, sugar plum fairy cakes, spiced yule logs, reindeer cheesecake, all kinds of cookies and more.

‘Tis the season to anticipate! November offers chefs a chance to slow down and smell the gingerbread, overlapping the seasons of fall and winter in some delicious ways.

“Each fall our bakery is filled with excitement and joy as we prepare for the holiday season,” says Chef Lee Whitsel at Duke University’s Café in the Brodhead Center, a location operated by local bakers. He’s rolling up to a sweet season with yule logs, many pies (cherry with rum, Southern pecan with clover honey, apple and pumpkin), peppermint cakes, cheesecake bars and more.

For many chefs and bakers, the holiday season is the time to share sweet traditions, like ye olde yule log, and start new ones…like the toasted marshmallow s’mores cake at the University of Hartford or American Dining Creations’ cookies and milk(shakes).

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