3 new ways to menu peach

Summer’s succulent, fuzzy, naturally sweet treat is ripe and ready for more than just desserts.

Peach French toast (pictured above)
Lodi (Calif.) Unified School District
“We offer this mainly as a breakfast item, but we do breakfast for lunch also,” says Nancy Rostomily, director of nutrition services at LUSD. This is an application where canned peaches work beautifully.


Peach-chipotle ribs
Proctor & Gamble Co. Headquarters, Cincinnati
Eurest Executive Chef Thomas Quinn first makes a brown sugar-based dry rub on these ribs, which he cooks low and slow in a sheet pan in a 250°F oven then brushes with the cooked-down peach barbecue sauce, glazes again and then garnishes with more fresh-cut peaches.

Peach Caprese salad
Morrison Healthcare, several locations
Move over, tomatoes. Peaches add the element of surprise to the summer salad trifecta of cool, fresh slabs of mozzarella, perfectly bright basil and in this case—fresh peaches. The sweet/tart flavor of peaches gives a whole new flavor profile to this classic that’s definitely worth trying.

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