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3 quick bites: Get inspiration for summer milkshake season

Get inspiration for summer milkshake season
Post a picture of these shakes on Instagram and watch the sweet, sweet “likes” roll in. Milkshakes at Blacktap NYC’s shop are literally over the top. On the birthday cake shake, there’s a huge piece of birthday cake on top. The s’more milkshake is the size of a personal campfire. There’s a sticky-salty caramel apple balancing on top of a shake. And the cotton candy shake…well, you just have to see it, beautifully photographed on the Spoon University website.

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Where to find your long-lost favorite nostalgic foods
Did reading the story in FM about BU’s ’90s night make you feel an insatiable hunger for pizza bagels or Dunkaroos? This article on uncovers “The Secret World of Selling Nostalgic Food.” It turns out there’s a community of online buyers, sellers, consumers and collectors of discontinued and hard-to-find food items like discontinued Dr Pepper, and yes, Dunkaroos. But buyer beware: “…this can lead to disillusioned shoppers, like the one who [in a review says] the cookies-and-icing ‘tastes nothing like American Dunkaroos used to, so beware if you are ordering on the basis of nostalgia.’” Bittersweet!  

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An addictive bread
Isn’t all bread addictive? This bread is even more so, according to author Catherine O’Donnell, who tracked down the salty, yeasty golden brown bread at a restaurant in the college town of Davidson, N.C., where she went to college. She describes milk bread as having a “muffin-like top, bursting with sparkly salt. The spots of sandy-colored dough bunked next to a darker golden shell brainwashed me.” Sounds like some cosmic carbs!

Get the recipe here and try for yourself>>


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