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3 ways food service chefs are making meaty mushroom menu items

Bao buns, gnocchi and blended burgers are great ways to maximize mushrooms’ umami flavor.

As the plant-based trend settles into an established way of eating, we’re seeing vegetables handle it all, from center of the plate to center of the burger. Mushrooms in particular have an edge on other veggies when it comes to mimicking meat, with their umami flavor and naturally meaty texture.

That’s why onsite chefs are turning more and more to mushrooms when creating blended burgers, boosting the nutrients and cutting the animal protein. And mushrooms needn’t be minced and mixed in; they shine in their true form as well. When wild mushrooms are sautéed in butter and wine and paired with gnocchi or grilled and zipped up with sriracha on a bao bun, no one is missing the meat.

We’ve found examples of mushrooms used in cool ways from American Dining Creations, Duke University and the University of Colorado for a bit of ‘shroom-spiration to spark plant-forward menu ideas for the new decade.

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