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3 ways food service chefs are menuing mozzarella cheese

Creamy, dreamy and perfect on a flatbread—or polenta—mozzarella is the cheese that’s got what it takes to be center of the plate.

While some cheeses need age to reach their full potential, mozzarella is a cheese where it’s a case of “the fresher the better.” Some chefs are able to make mozzarella in-house, scalding water and all. But even when not housemade, mozzarella has the ability to telegraph that vibe of “this is fresh!”

Sticking with Italian flavors is always a win, as seen at Elon University’s Flat-Out Made to Order Flatbreads station, where mozzarella is simply adorned with marinara, herbs and not much more. Mozz is the finishing touch on brunchy stuffed peppers by Flik Hospitality Group, and it’s the center-of-the-plate star on top of polenta at Rutgers University.

With a mild flavor that pairs well with so many ingredients (smoked or cured meats, a sprinkle of aromatic herbs, flavored vinegars, roasted veggies, fresh fruits and more), mozzarella is definitely having a moment. Here are three ways to add it to your menu.

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