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3 ways food service chefs make a bold menu statement with pork

Stand-up and cheer pork flavor at Super Bowl LIV, Thai chili-glazed pork flavor at a corporate dining room and down-home Soul Food pork flavor on campus: These are just a few ways to turn pork into a bold, beautiful menu item.

Pork is often a favorite protein of food service chefs who enjoy the unexpected in terms of flavor. Different cuts of pork offer quite different flavor experiences—think of the difference between pork roast and ham or bacon. And from there, onsite chefs choose their flavor profile adventure with seasonal ingredients, signature spice blends and more.

Chef Dayanny De La Cruz’s Cuban sandwiches were a celebration of Miami culture at the Super Bowl, where she led the Centerplate team into culinary victory as the first woman chef to ever host a Super Bowl. At FedEx Supply Chain, the employee cafeteria is in the midst of pork belly mania, with a spicy glazed pork belly on brioche and a new Korean cowboy sandwich that’s a spinoff of the Thai pork belly. And delving into Soul Food’s Southern roots during Black History Month, guest chef Linsey Romain brought smothered pork medallions with a gorgeous gravy to Stony Brook University.

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